As a registered Republican in California, I am an enthusiastic follower of Sheila Nielsen. In both substance and form, Sheila’s writings and thoughts are tops—deep, broad, penetrating, exciting. Hers is a cogent voice in our efforts to restore traditional American democratic values and practices and to quell Trumpism. If Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” influenced public opinion in 1776 in support of the Revolution, surely Sheila’s common sense now will generate public opinion in support of America’s current war to preserve democracy as we have known it.

J. Craig Jenkins, Esq.
Attorney at law
Bakersfield, CA


Your clear, concise and cogent commentaries are a beacon of light that navigate the way through these dark and turbulent times and keep us from drowning in a Trumpian sea of despair and confusion. With an exceptional ability to bring order to chaos, your razor-sharp legal and political analyses distill and make sense of the fast-breaking events that are swirling around us; and have become the lifebuoys that keep me afloat.

As a mental health provider, I have found that your essays bring more psychological relief from Trump-induced anxiety than any psychotropic drug on the market, and I prescribe your blog enthusiastically to friends and clients alike.

With gratitude,

Susan Blank, LPC, NCC
Atlanta, Ga.

Thank you for Sheila’s wonderful posts. I love reading her and those she links to — she’s so articulate and compelling and really brilliant! — and it’s heartening seeing her fight for truth justice and the American way in these bizarre and frightening times.

Jeffery Stern, professor at the University of Chicago and psychoanalyst

Sheila, I am so happy that you are writing the markinreport.com! Your posts are my first source for a deeper understanding of national news events in terms of the intersection of politics, law and psychology. In these upside-down times, you have a great talent for “sussing out“ what’s important versus what’s a distraction. Keep it up please!

Phyllis Gould

For the past year and a half when trying to make sense out of the political chaos and deceit that swirls around at the highest levels of our government, Sheila’s voice remains passionate, cogent and incisive while still keeping a sense of humor. I find especially fascinating her ‘prosecutor’s approach’ to unraveling what the Mueller investigation’s actions are likely to be signaling. I so admire and appreciate the activist leadership role that Sheila has assumed.

Keep up your great work, Sheila!!

Louella Levey

Sheila’s blog posts are a breath of fresh air and sanity in my news feed. When I am feeling confused or disheartened by the latest tweets from Washington, I know I can count on Sheila to help me gain some perspective. Her commentary is incisive and always delivered with her trademark humor (and a touch of moral outrage). Keep on!

—Katherine Erwin

I’d like to nominate Sheila Markin as “explainer-in-chief” for those of us preoccupied with, trying to understand and intending to do something about the troubling politics in the era of Donald Trump.  Since Trump’s election victory, Sheila has been indefatigable in fighting, using her intellect and writing skills as impressive weapons. Her unwavering persistence has itself been inspirational to me.  She never gives up and encourages the rest of us to do the same. I especially count on Sheila’s lucid explanations of the legal meaning of the events that transpire daily – from the scandal of the day to the ongoing investigations.

Prudy Gourguechon MD
Past President, American Psychoanalytic Association
Consultant on the psychology of business, Invantage Advising

I’ve had the privilege of reading Sheila Markin’s smart, inspiring commentary for ​months now, and am delighted to see it brought to a wider audience with the “Markin Report”. She has the tough incisiveness of a US prosecutor, the kind insight of a personal counselor, and the compassion and deep inspiration of an intelligent, beautiful, experienced woman. Sheila is the only writer I currently know of who gives such a fine written synthesis to all readers of the legal, political, and social/emotional aspects of our currently depraved U.S. government. And yet she also captures the brilliant rise of millions of peaceful activists all over the country who are rallying to end this horrific electoral misadventure, assuring us with the much needed, clarifying thought to go forward. Thank you, Sheila.

Mary Intermaggio


I have been following your inspired posts for almost a year and a half and have found them always informative. Your legal expertise coupled with your thoughtful psychological insights shed clarity on the chaotic happenings of the day. And help calm the PTSD that I have felt since the 2016 election.

I am so glad that you have organized your posts into an easy to access blog! The hopeful part of the last year and a half has been that it has spurred a kind of activism not seen for many years and you are a part of that!

Thank you for all you are doing to shed light and truth in a time of seeming darkness.

Betsy Smith

Sheila Nielsen’s legal expertise and powerful writing style give her a unique advantage as a commentator on national politics. Whether she spotlights judicial opinions or the special counsel’s investigation or the midterm elections, The Markin Report will sharpen your understanding of what’s at stake and make you want to read more from her.

— Mary Eccles, Washington DC

I have followed Sheila Markin’s incisive post-election commentary over the past year. I am acquainted with Ms. Markin through our membership in a coalition of concerned mental health professionals. Ms. Markin and I worked together on a number of projects related to Donald Trump’s dangerousness as it affects U.S. citizens’ well-being and the well-being and survival of the United States. I viewed Ms. Markin’s commentary on Facebook and I read a piece she recently wrote for the Daily Kos. Ms. Markin possesses a unique point of view combining a legal perspective (derived from her experience as an Assistant U.S. Attorney) with a psychological perspective as a mental health professional. Her comments are cogent and her writing style is eloquently straightforward. My opinion is that The Markin Report will be a valuable and worthy read. I look forward to it’s inception and continued publication.

Barbara Turk, Psy.D.
Doctor of Clinical Psychology

I am so thrilled you’re doing this blog, Sheila – another way in which you make the world a better place. Today’s blog was a case in point in how your words inspire, inform, and – dare I say – give hope that a spotlight will coax the truth out from under. Your blogs are the batteries that keep that spotlight shining, brighter and brighter. With passionate, committed and brilliant commentators like you, there is no doubt that we will persevere and win. Thank you so much!

Marcia Liss

Like Amy Siskind’s The List, which keeps us aware of the specifics of Trump regime’s push into totalitarianism, Sheila Markin’s blog keeps us informed and hopeful with her unique insights into assaults on our democracy, the inner workings of Mueller world, and the rise of the resistance. Want to stay sane during the crazy? Read The Markin Report!

Mary Trimble

No one connects the dots like Sheila Nielsen; I rely on her insightful and cogent commentaries to make sense of what is happening in the country generally and the Trump administration in particular. Her discerning and well-reasoned posts are not only brilliant, they are also infused with a sharp wit that makes the news of the day a little more bearable. The Markin Report tops the list of my “must read” political blogs!

Ruth Krugly


Please add my name to the list of people who gain a great deal from your writing. Your knowledge of psychological functioning and your expertise in law make for a remarkable understanding of current issues and their relevance.

You provide a bridge for a socio-political overview of current events, and your psychological sophistication illuminates the emotional impact of the political environment on the public psyche. Your legal expertise helps you explain the nuances of political events, such as the legal ramifications of a particular inquiry, so you can unpack details of ongoing investigations and possible consequences, which you do so well. You have a keen appreciation of nuances which are not often addressed in commentaries I read. Further, your writing is rich and clear, which make it very readable as well as very informative.

I’ve always looked forward to your essays. While I consider myself an informed citizen and do read many publications, I’ve always found that you always add something important which enhances and refines my perspective. I look forward to reading your blog and will encourage others to do the same.

Claire Silverman, Ph.D. Clinical Psychology

With passion, eloquence, and authority, there may be no more powerful single voice decrying our monster in the White House than Sheila Markin’s. While many of us have periodically fallen prey to Trump-fatigue, Sheila has never once wavered in her fervor to call truth to power. She brings a brilliant legal mind combined with deep psychological sophistication to her searing analysis of DJT’s assault on American values. She embodies the conviction that silence is complicity, and I am thrilled she has created this powerful new pulpit.

— Michael J Tansey, PhD
Co-author, NYT Bestseller, The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump

I have been reading posts from Sheila Markin since the Trump presidency began, and her insights and information have been invaluable. As I am not a Facebook member, I have had to read them as they have been forwarded, and I am happy to have the chance to read them directly from the upcoming blog.

Mark Levey, M.D.

Markin’s comments are timely, informed, and keenly insightful in making sense of the nonsensical and, frankly, scary times we live in. With the eye of a highly skilled prosecutor and experienced counselor, Markin brings new light to the daily whiplash inflicted by this administration.

Kim Mulligan

When I read Sheila’s blog I learn a lot, sometimes too much.  It is always information that I need to know and it comes from a source that is credible, knowledgeable and heartfelt, but its just so hard to take.  This Administration leaves you with so much anxiety that you almost don’t want to know more, but you must.  You must stay on top of all the horrible news day after day after day.  The main goal is to keep people aware and then get them to the voting booth.  Sheila keeps us aware.  As a prosecutor – she understands the law.  As a counselor – she understands mental health.  She is a great source for putting both pieces of that puzzle together.

Dedrea Gray

Dear Sheila,

I’m so glad you’re finding a more organized and public forum for your postings. I am always enlightened and reassured by the clarity and passion of your postings and would be interested in reading them. I would be interested in subscribing to your blog from this introduction as well.

Jeanette Shelburne

Sheila Markin delivers an illuminating commentary on the way things work (and don’t) in Washington. When I read her analysis of the political landscape I come away with better sense of what’s going on, what we need to do, and what can do as citizens in these troubled times.

Neal Spira MD
Psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Dean of the Institute for Psychoanalysis, past president Chicago Psychoanalytic Society


With a person in the White House who is redefining what is means to be a Narcissist, I am VERY pleased that you have decided to make your comments into a Blog!

Just like I am looking forward to hearing Rachel Maddow’s next program, I have been looking forward to your next comment.

They are well written and very much to the point.

With a person in the WH who is attacking our democratic institutions, the country is in dire need of persons like Rachel and yourself to expose the VERY dangerous Narcissist and defend our democracy, which is under attack by the Narcissist!

I trust your Blog will get a VERY dedicated and increasing readership!

Best regards,
Knut Gorm Jorgensen