October 16, 2017

Donald Trump is deluded about how effective missile defense systems are. This matters because he has delusional disorder. He is not open to changing his mind even when the facts are irrefutable. In this case, Trump brags that our missiles will shoot down a missile fired by North Korea. This is not true. That delusion could result in over confidence about the way he is handling the North Korean threat. This is something we should all be very worried about given Trump’s inability to listen to and accept reality and facts. Thanks to the new book written by 27 psychiatrists and psychologists about the Dangerous Case of Donald Trump that has shot up to nearly the top of the NYT best seller list, we know that Trump has what is termed in the DSM as Delusional Disorder. This is a condition that effectively keeps him in a mental state in which whatever HE believes to be true is true in his very closed mind. Crazy ideas which seem true to him are not shakable even when he is presented with irrefutable evidence or facts to the contrary. We have seen this play out with his inability to accept the crowd size at his inauguration, his allegation that Obama wiretapped his office, his belief that Muslims celebrated after 9/11 and many other falsehoods that Trump believes. Some think Trump is crazy like a fox but given this psychological disorder, Trump is crazy like a crazy person and his ideas are not subject to change once he gets them in his head. This is dangerous. Very dangerous because of his ability to use our arsenal of weapons against countries like North Korea. Trump’s belief that anti-missile missiles will be effective to counter a missile from North Korea is WRONG. He needs at the very least to be prevented from having the power to engage in a first strike option. Call your congressmen and tell them to pass a bill that will limit Trump’s ability to engage us in a first strike against another country. Better yet, call your congressman and insist Trump be impeached. (I can dream, can’t I?)

Trump deluded on missile defense accuracy

Joe Cirincione, nuclear security analyst, talks with Rachel Maddow about why Donald Trump’s apparent confidence in missile defense is misplaced.