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The DLCC Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, has been hard at work helping a new group of young, energetic Democrats in state races learn how to campaign effectively.  They have been running boot camps for these new progressive leaders to help them know what to do and how to do it to have effective campaigns and win locally.  If we want to live in a world that reflects progressive values and ideas we have to have local reps that stand for those ideals and will develop progressive agendas.  If you can give to the DLCC to help them keep up the good work, you are helping bring up the next generation of progressive thinkers and leaders who will move our country in the right direction.   Giving to the DLCC at whatever level you can is an effective way to push back against the Trump agenda and make America sane again.


2018 is the year Democrats #FlipEverything

When we win back state legislatures, we can resist Trump’s agenda and enact America’s agenda. This video with Cory Booker explains how DLCC and Democrats like you are going to make that happen:

Posted by Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee – DLCC on Sunday, May 20, 2018

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