On January 26th, after a short deliberation, a jury (of regular Americans) decided that Trump must pay $83.3 million in damages to E. Jean Carroll for continuing to defame her over and over again after a jury (a different jury of regular Americans) found him guilty of defamation and ordered him to pay 5 million to Ms. Carroll. Trump refused to shut up after that first jury verdict. The result is a far larger award for Carroll from this second jury because the jury was asked to award punitive damages in an amount that would get Trump to stop defaming this victim. And, yes, the victim is E. Jean Carroll not Donald Trump.

Trump’s courtroom loss today is just the first of many to come. Next week Judge Engoron will rule on the amount of damages Trump must disgorge in the civil case brought by Letitia James. It will likely be in the range of $300 million.  The DC appellate courts will also issue an opinion soon that Trump is not permitted total immunity from prosecution as a former president for illegal acts committed while he was president. That will leave Trump open to the three criminal prosecutions he faces in New York (Stormy Daniels case), DC (coup plot to overturn the election), and Georgia’s RICO case (coup plot to overturn the election in key battleground states.)

Republicans have hitched their wagon to a loser. Trump is a stone cold loser. As long as we are still living in a democracy where no one is above the law, Trump was not and is not a king or a dictator. As the presumptive Republican nominee, the GOP is rushing headlong into another huge failure. They will soon be stuck with a nominee that will only appeal to a shrinking base of apologists for a really awful man who lies as he breathes. Trump may even be convicted and sentenced to prison before the election in November which might not sway Trump’s base, but will kill Trump’s chances with way too many Independent voters, suburban moms and educated people in America who don’t want to elect a guy who is going to prison and who also wants to change our country into a dictatorship with Trump in the role of dictator. Last time 70,000 Americans in the swing districts of the battleground states (lots of educated suburban moms) decided the outcome of the election. It looks like the same folks will determine the outcome in 2024.

Could Trump still win? Yes. He could. If people stay home instead of voting to keep Trump out of the White House Trump could win. If there is a 3rd party candidate that takes votes away from Biden Trump could win. So, if Democrats hope to win with Biden, who doesn’t sound like a strongman to a lot of people because his voice is weak even though his policies have been strong for the country, they need to pound away at some important truths.


Dems need to remind voters about what they didn’t like about Trump. He is worse now.

  1. With Trump you get CHAOS and CRISIS. Hey, remember when he was president how you woke up every day worried about what the heck Trump had done now? Do you really want that again?!
  2. Trump was the reason women lost the RIGHT TO ABORTION in states across the country. Trump is proud of that. It will get worse if Trump is re-elected. Trump will support a national abortion ban (whether he says he will or not- he will do it to keep his evangelical base happy) and medication abortion will be criminalized. Remember when he said women should be punished for having an abortion? If you elect Trump that’s coming. Women who miscarry will be charged with infanticide in some red states. Women will be subjected to forced birth against their will in some red states. The medical profession will be prevented from delivering life saving medical care to women who need it during their pregnancies for fear of losing their medical licenses based on state laws prohibiting intervention in a pregnancy.
  3. You like OBAMACARE– THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT HEALTH INSURANCE. Trump is really vowing to get rid of it. Again!
  4. The Border is a mess. Yes! It is! Everyone agrees. To fix it we need bipartisan agreement. Calling people “vermin” and talking about “poisoning the blood of our nation” is not the answer.  The Republicans are to blame for failure to fix the border. Trump told them not to vote for a really good bipartisan bill put together in the Senate because he can’t let Biden have a “win”. Republicans are holding our country hostage to help Trump win re-election. Shame on them.
  5. Law and Order. Americans believe in law and order. Offenders committing crimes must have consequences. All criminal behavior needs to have consequences. The president needs to be a role model for abiding by the law. Trump breaks the law with impunity and then demands total immunity. He is the poster boy for breaking the law. He promises to pardon the Jan 6 rioters. He calls them patriots. If re-elected Trump will break the law again and again and allow his loyalists to get away with everything too. Want law and order? You can’t vote for the guy who defies law and order. Trump was and still would be Commander-in-Cheat.
  6. Our Economy is doing way better with Biden. Trump promised. Biden delivered.
    1. Highest stock market ever!!
    2. Biden beat back inflation and recession. Inflation is at 2 1/2 %.
    3. Best economic recovery from the pandemic of any leading industrial country on the globe. Growth is an amazing 3%.
    4. If you want a job you can get a job. Lowest unemployment.
    5. Best climate change legislation in the history of our country.
    6. Biden is capping insulin prices for the first time.
    7. 5 Billion in student loan forgiveness affecting 74,000 borrowers. Biden would do more if the Republicans and the Supreme Court didn’t keep blocking him.
    8. Biden is capping bank overdraft junk fees.
    9. Biden is enlarging the child tax credit for American families.
    10. Biden not Trump had multiple infrastructure weeks.
    11. Biden expanded internet to rural areas
    12. Biden brought in good paying jobs that will sustain workers in the future and he made sure to bring these jobs to the red states.
    13. Get real!! The Dems fixed the economy Trump and the Republicans messed up with their tax credit for the 1% that didn’t trickle down and the huge mess they made out of the pandemic with their refusal to promote real cures and preventative measures causing over a million Americans to unnecessarily lose their lives.
    14. Biden is deploying Janet Yellen across the country to tell Americans about the good economic news. “The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is a $1.2 trillion investment in our nation’s infrastructure,” Yellen will say. “It is bringing new opportunities within reach for middle-class families.”
  7. Republicans in Congress got almost nothing done. Congress just wrapped up its least productive year since the Great Depression, passing just 27 bills that were signed into law.  (numerous media reporting) Republican party officials worry that while Trump is taking up tons of oxygen, the party itself has nothing to run on. Since taking control of the House in 2023, Republicans have very little to show for it except a lot of infighting. The last congressional session was “historically unproductive,” as Sahil Kapur of NBC News put it today. House Republicans’ investigations of President Joe Biden, hyped before the media, have fizzled, and now, after insisting that they would not pass funding for Ukraine, Israel, or Taiwan until the “crisis” at the border was addressed, they have backed off and now say they will not pass border legislation. (Historian Heather Cox Richardson).
  8. House Republicans refuse to fund Ukraine or Israel until, they say, Trump is elected. One way to fund Ukraine and Israel AND get a border deal is to flip the House. Put the Dems in control so that we can get stuff done! Don’t vote for ANY Republicans up and down the ballot until the MAGA fever passes.

Wake up America. Trump claimed to be a populist president who would help America be its best self. Trump brought us chaos and the MAGA movement that has infected the House with loyalists who do Trump’s bidding on bended knee. Biden delivered what Trump promised. And he did it in a calm and reasonable way.

With Trump in power again, this country would get the likes of Rudy Guiliani as the Attorney General and Marjorie Taylor Greene as Secretary of State.

You don’t just vote for a president. You vote for the entire team and the policies of the leaders chosen by that president.