Mayor Pete is out of the race.  But he has great potential as a leader and diplomat in the next administration.  He has been a force to be reckoned with and has raised interesting arguments and ideas in the debates in skillful ways.  His biggest problem was that he had no traction whatsoever with the black community.  No one can be the nominee without the support of the black community.

Note: I analyze handwriting for personality traits.  This is something I developed as a hobby since I was 9 years old.  I got good enough at it that my friends would type letters to me instead of writing their letters to me.  Eventually I used this skill as a prosecutor to assess opposing counsel, judges, and even people in the jury pool who might be good to have on a jury.  Today I use it to rapidly understand my clients who come for professional development help.  As part of this series of blogs on the pros and cons of each candidate, I have analyzed the handwriting of each one of them to get a better sense of their personalities.  I have also met a number of candidates running for president in person and talked with members of their campaign teams as well as friends of the candidates who know them personally.  And just like you, I have been listening to them and watching their debate performances. These are my own conclusions and opinions.


Why even bother to evaluate him since he is out of contention?  I have met Mayor Pete twice and heard him speak each time in a relatively intimate setting.  He is a terrific, dynamic speaker and I think he has a future in government that could be stellar.  I say this based not only on his skills as a speaker but what I can see in his handwriting.

Here is what I can tell about him from an analysis of his handwriting.  He has discretion, tact, superior intellect, can match wits with anyone and come out on top of the interaction.  He is a strategist, statesmanlike, courteous, logical with flashes of intuitive insight, has a keen critical incisive mind.  He is smooth, clever, spots weaknesses in others and can use that to his advantage.  He can cut people off abruptly despite being generally courteous.  He is capable of being evasive when he wants to be.  He can see through people and gauge his answers accordingly.  Fills with emotion but keeps that to himself.  Altruism.  High energy.  Can be covert about something in his past that bothered or may still bother him – from childhood. (I imagine that has to do with being gay.) Often he feels like he is on an island, alone, even surrounded by people interacting with him.  You are not likely to know what he is really thinking.  Wants to get right to the point and understand the facts when he is problem solving.  Knows himself very well.  His writing resembles the handwriting of John F. Kennedy and Barack Obama for a reason: he shares their diplomatic style and intellect; all of them were/are smooth operators.

With these abilities, Pate Buttigieg might someday become president if he can prove himself to the American people possibly in a high profile government position that plays to his strengths and if our country can evolve to be more open to having a gay president.  I think, for example, he would make an excellent Secretary of State because of his unique set of interpersonal skills and his diplomatic personality.


Very simply put he had no way forward without the support of the black community.  Some people say it did not happen because he is gay and some in the black community are uncomfortable with the idea of two men kissing on the steps of the White House  and other such images that did not align with their concept of a president.  Others point to a tense, difficult situation having to do with the police department in South Bend that some people say Mayor Pete did not handle well. I am not certain about what happened in that incident and how he handled it and there seem to be two sides to the story.  Others tell me that the black community is turned off by the fact that Cory Booker and Kamala Harris did not make it into the finals to become president and they are annoyed that Buttegieg, who they see as less experienced, did.  In short, I am not sure why he was not acceptable to the black community, but there was no path forward for him without it.