Where is Our Macron?!

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Where can we get one of these? Where is our Macron?! I want what France has! Yesterday Macron delivered a stirring speech to our Congress and to all of us about what the majority of Americans yearn for – a return to the values of the founding fathers- liberte, egalite, fraternite, Frankly it brought tears to my eyes to hear his passionate take down of pretty much everything Trump stands for and is imposing on our country. Macron played it beautifully. He was Trump’s new bestie, hugs and kisses, and smiles all around while our idiotic president brushes dandruff off of Macron’s shoulder and then declares him “perfect”. How embarrassing. I imagine Trump must treat his sons this way. Trump has to have his hand in everything. No one is perfect unless Trump says he is perfect. And after that, Macron trolls Trump in a brilliant take down of everything Trump stands for in his speech to Congress. Bravo.

Meanwhile, as Macron tells us about the dangers of fake news, the pink haired whistleblower from Cambridge Analytica was appearing in front of the House and Senate Intelligence committees on the same day to warn us about how fake news was used as a weapon in 2016. He testified for 5 hours about what Cambridge Analytica did in the dirty tricks department and talked about what Bannon was up to in the run up to our election. Bannon was working with Cambridge Analytica to massively suppress the vote of Democrats across the country. And who was not at either of those hearings? You guessed it. No Republicans showed up to hear this testimony. None of them. And when asked by Democrats if they would sign a two way pledge for 2018 not to use any leaked emails as a weapon in campaigns, the Republicans were not interested. They might as well put up a big sign “Welcome, Wikileaks! Welcome Russia! Can you get me more dirt on Hillary?!”

And while we are on the topic of fake news, I watched Morning Joe today while they interviewed Michael Avanatti and also interspersed clips from Fox and Friends as Trump was blowing up on air having a massive temper tantrum. Trump went on a self-serving highly damaging rant about how Michael Cohen was not his lawyer for much of anything (eviscerating the lawyer-client privilege his attorneys were trying to prove up in Cohen case being heard by Judge Wood, so that they could shield Trump from exposure to the evidence that was seized by the FBI). and then he admitted on air that Cohen DID represent him in the Stormy Daniels matter (contradicting himself and helping Michael Avanatti;s case immensely.) Then our deranged president assaulted Comey for lying but got the facts all wrong, backwards and upside down. Trump is clearly untethered to reality and the sooner people understand this the better. He is INCAPABLE of thinking clearly. INCAPABLE. Why do more people not see the danger of this? Trump is the ultimate embodiment of fake news because he makes it up as he goes and then seems to be utterly convinced of the truth of the lies he utters.

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