Trump has failed to make good on his promises to America just as he did with Trump University for which he was sued. Victims of Trump’s fraudulent university got a 25 million dollar settlement. Too bad Americans can’t sue Trump for being victims of his fraudulent presidency.

Trump’s Bullshit is Catching Up With Him

Bullshit is “lies or untrue stuff.” The Urban Dictionary tells us that a bullshit artist is “A deceptive f–k that gets off on selling people worthless info as if it were fact.”

The American people have a very clear choice in this election. The choice is between a bullshitter or an honest man. Trump is a con artist who claims he will make your dreams come true as every con artist promises.

  1. Covid will just disappear like magic? We are seeing more new cases every day. Many hospitals in red states are overwhelmed. Epidemiologists tell us this winter will be very dark if we don’t do more to control the viral spread in our communities.
  2. A border wall Mexico would pay for? Extensive new wall was never built only refurbished and Mexico paid for nothing.
  3. Drain the swamp? Trump IS the swamp. He and his family and buddies are milking the American people. This is the most shamelessly corrupt administration in the history of our country.
  4. Coal mining will come back? Another lie. That industry is collapsing. Fossil fuels need to be replaced with clean renewable energy- sun and wind. Biden has a plan. Trump is a climate denier.
  5. Big beautiful health care for you, America?  Trump has come up with nothing and there never will be any great health care proposal from this bullshitter. He and the GOP have tried to take down the ACA over 60 times. That would mean the end of protections for you and your family if you have pre-existing conditions. He has presented no plan. He only has empty promises. Biden will expand the ACA and make sure you have Bidencare. You will be covered if you have preexisting conditions. Did you know that just being a woman who could get pregnant is considered a preexisting condition?
  6. Great trade deals?  Nope. We got a trade war that ruined American farmers and small businesses. Hundreds of small farms and businesses went bankrupt across the Midwest thanks to Trump’s trade war with China.
  7. An arms deal with North Korea? More bullshit. Trump had a photo op with Kim Jung Un that helped Kim raise his profile in the world. We got nothing. No deal. And North Korea is that much closer to manufacturing dangerous weapons that threaten our country and others.
  8. Tax breaks for you?  The tax breaks have been for Trump and his rich pals. We have learned that Trump is a tax cheat. A deadbeat. He paid only $750.00 in taxes for the last two years, for example. I bet you paid more in taxes. Before that, Trump paid no US taxes for many years. He DID, however, pay $200,000 in taxes to China!!  [Forbes]
  9. Trump wants you to believe that Biden will raise taxes on middle Americans. That is a lie. If you make under $400,000, a Biden and Harris administration will not raise your taxes.
  10. Big beautiful treatments for Covid like he got in Walter Reed?  More bullshit. Trump’s treatment would have cost YOU $100,000.00 and don’t forget that Trump is trying to take away your health care altogether if you get coverage thru the ACA.
  11. Trump says he is protecting Social Security.  Not so. He is trying to abolish Social Security while Biden would expand it. If Trump’s plan to stop payroll taxes from going into the Social Security Fund is implemented, that fund will run out of money in 2023.
  12. Trump says he will protect your health care. Not so. He is trying to kill off your health care, America. Trump’s attorneys are in court right now trying to abolish the Affordable Care Act which would mean that 20 million Americans would lose their coverage.

The choice is clear. With Trump you get a bully who supports white supremacists, a liar who has no vision for the country.  You get a man who is the most divisive leader we have ever had. He believes in conspiracy theories and he is always and forever on the attack, blaming others and fighting with people.

With Biden you get a compassionate, honest man who is already known to the American public, a man who will bring strong, steady leadership to our country and the world. He cares about all Americans. For Biden there is no favoritism for blue states over red states, but only the United States of America. It’s our choice, America. Want to help move our country forward? Sign up to contact voters to get out the vote:

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