I promise you it’s easy to do!

I have been writing The Markin Report blog for about 3 years. There is no paywall. It is totally free and accessible to anyone and everyone on Facebook.  I am a former Assistant US Attorney and States Attorney and I especially try to help people understand legal concepts including the impact of criminal law and Constitutional law in the political realm.

My goal in writing the blog was to become a trusted voice on Facebook providing factual and reliably sourced information, because, unfortunately, Facebook has become a place where there is a lot of misinformation and disinformation floating around. I do my best to provide accurate information that is also easy to comprehend and fun to read about our democracy, ethics, our political leaders in Washington and the law.

Here is the problem I need your help with–The blog is public facing and that means I get a whole lot of Trump trolls and Trump supporters who show up and try to damage the reach of the blog. Every time they dislike the blog and write a negative review they bring the rating down lower which prevents the blog from being read more widely. That’s how the analytics works on Facebook. Highly rated content gets boosted.

Currently the Trumpists have damaged the reach of the Markin Report by getting the rating down under 3 out of a possible 5. Sigh. If you are a reader please help me out by going to the Facebook page for the Markin Report and *liking* it, writing a positive review, and keep sharing it with others who might also like it. It just takes a second or two.

Here is the link. https://www.facebook.com/MarkinReport/?view_public_for=2321993584737314

Just click on the blue Liked button at the top.

I really appreciate your help! Thanks so much!!