Psychological Warfare And Attacks On Reality: the Role of the Therapist In the Era of Trump

Wednesday, Sept. 26 | 7 to 8:30 p.m.
Sheila Markin Nielsen, JD, MSW | Moderator: Wendy Selene, LCSW
The disruptive effect Trump’s presidency has on our country, our politics, our legal norms, our patients and our own psyches challenges us as clinicians and as citizens. Faced with information that is often demoralizing, destructive or untethered to reality, clinicians have to consider when to respond in a therapeutic mode and when to respond with direct action. Participants will engage with the presenter to clarify their thoughts, goals and sense of responsibility inside and outside the consulting room and consider the place for empathy and the place for action.
Sheila Markin Nielsen is a social worker and attorney, who practiced as a criminal prosecutor and now has a career-consulting firm. In her political blog, The Markin Report, Nielsen explains the complex Mueller investigation and criminal probes of the current administration. Wendy Selene is Director of Conferences and Continuing Education at the Institute and a faculty member and clinician in private practice.
CE Credits: 1.5 | Fee: $30 (day of: $40) | Register Now