In Game of Thrones season 8 episode 3 there is a huge battle between the forces of good and evil.  For anyone who has not watched the show yet-  spoiler alert:  I am going to talk about what happens in the plot so stop reading this post or run and watch the show and come back.

Our favorite heroes are up against the Night King and the Dead who keep coming and coming like zombies in a horror movie.  These guys are remarkably good at fighting especially given that they are dead.  

The great moment in the battle happens with Arya Stark, who has become a phenomenal warrior with a lot of tricks up her sleeve, but above all, she is fearless.  As the deadly Night King is about to kill Bran and destroy the memory of all mankind, Arya lunges for him, he seizes her by the neck, and her weapon drops but she is able to grab it with her other hand and stab the Night King in the solar plexus, shattering him into thousands of crystalline shards and killing off the whole army of the dead to boot.  Wow!  What a satisfying moment!  

So, hey! where is our metaphorical Arya Stark?  We could use someone or something like her in our current situation with Bill Barr, Donald Trump and his cult base of zombies. 

Bill Barr has turned into AG Barr DOJ evildoer.  He has decided he doesn’t want to testify before the House Oversight committee.  He may need to be subpoenaed.  Really?  He should know better.  He also seems to be permitting the release of the Coast Guard White Supremacist, Paul Hasson, who vowed to kill a lot of people on Trump’s enemies list including Joe Scarborough. There are many other Democratic presidential hopefuls and other Democrats on his hit list.    The U.S. Attorneys handling this case should insist this dangerous man not get out on bond.  He is a  terrorist who should be charged as a terrorist.  That label is deserved and would establish a higher level to overcome to get out on bond.  Do you think for one minute that if Trump were the target or Bill Barr himself were the target of this crazed man’s ire that he would be getting out on bond?  I rest my case.  

Despite the bad news that just keeps coming like the waves of dead people in Game of Thrones, there is some good news too.  There are victories that should not go unnoticed.  These fall under the category:

Don’t Give Up Hope- There Are Some Good Things Happening That Will Help Our Country be a Better Country

  • Michigan Gerrymandering Hits a Brick Wall- the Supreme Court in Michigan is forcing a revamped, fair map before 2020.
  • NRA is a wreck thanks to the Parkland kids, groups of angry moms standing up to the NRA, like Moms Demand Action, internal avarice and corrupt self-dealing. Maria Butina’s involvement in the NRA is helping to push them down the hill to the trash bin where they belong and so is Trump’s presidency.  As long as Trump is president, members of the NRA don’t feel a big need to pay dues because they are not fearful their guns will be taken away. 
  • Fox News is a mess thanks to Media Matters and advertisers who can see the handwriting on the wall. Hannity might not return after his contract is up.  Sweet!
  • All 20 Dem Candidates for 2020 are better on their worst day than Trump is on his best day. Most Dems and Independents who lean Dem say their overarching goal is to rid the country of Trump and will support anyone who wins the Democratic primary.
  • The Dems led by Nancy Pelosi are going to do the right thing when it comes to having open hearings to educate the public about Trump’s corruption and obstruction, but not going for impeachment unless 17 Senate Republicans grow a moral backbone, which they seem incapable of.  The idea of open hearings to get the American people informed is a total win for the Dems without the downside of revving up Trump’s zombie base. 
  • As Fareed Zakaria notes in his recent op-ed, there may be a better solution than impeachment.  Exposure of the truth through open hearings in Congress and NO impeachment.  That might actually be the way to stab Trump and the GOP in the solar plexus and shatter all of them.    Wait a minute…..did Fareed Zakaria just figure out our Arya Stark?